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There is not another student like her! Our Sue Mylott really does dance to the beat of her own drum!

Each piece is unique and often goes through a transformation or even two.

I’ve stopped asking, what are you making Sue as often she is not sure until the final touches!


Sue spends time in Cornwall each year and you can easily see the influence of the sea in her work

This is Sue’s 13th term! She has a very special place in my heart because she was my Ettington studio’s first student!

We had a lovely few sessions together in 2014 before others joined, she was great company and she helped spread the word.

I am so grateful to all of those early people who helped us get up and running. It was such a gamble moving up here to Warwickshire. I don’t mind admitting I was terrified for a while I d done the wrong thing.

It seems like a dream now when we are so full.

I asked Sue what she likes most about the classes,

‘ It s time to relax during the week. ‘ says Sue.

And what are you working on now, do you know?

‘A coil pot, probably with swimmers and maybe sea themed ….’ she laughs.

Sue likes to use slips and underglazes mostly, sometimes adding a bit of glaze as a highlight.

Coiling is Sue’s favorite technique, she calls it ‘therapy’!

I love it when she applies images in relief on the surface, very effective!

I am intrigued as to which piece she will choose for the student exhibition in October….?



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