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Christabel Birbeck AKA The Rock

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When I took over the running of The Ceramics Studio I inherited Christabel.  Whilst still feeling my way tentatively around the set up and working out the  what the way forward for the studio was, I called to introduce myself to Christabel.  She was so perfectly positive and un-ruffled by disruption it filled me with optimism.  She worked alone for many months in the space when it was very bare and unappealing but still she plugged away at her practice. Taking inspiration from warn boxes and choosing to display them in their commonly domestic setting of basic household furniture she carried on with the everyday, everyday.  Throughout the set up and the early stages she was a rock, an encourager  and a much needed friend.  While I have been dealing with electricians, artists and practicalities; she has chipped away at a beautiful, joyful and familiar body of work which is a progression of he degree work at Camberwell. I cannot wait to see all this presented in a triumphant exhibition next year…Christabel I want thank you for having the light on when I turn up : )






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