The Ceramics Studio

Warwickshire Open Studios

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Thank you to everyone who visited our second Warwickshire Open Studios exhibition. It was so lovely to see familiar faces as well as meet lots of new ones!

Here are a few snaps from the work of the 6 local artists we had in our gallery – Leyla Folwell, Katharine Barker, Mila Rosinska, Peter Watson, Viv Hunt and Rhian Malin.

Same again next year 🙂

Paintings: Mila Rosinska, Ceramics: Rhian Malin, Glass Lamp: Viv Hunt

Coiled Ceramic Sculpture: Leyla Folwel


Slab Build Ceramic Sculpture: Katharine Barker


Watercolour Paintings: Peter Watson, Ceramics: Rhian Malin


Origami: Leyla Folwell


Jewellery: Mila Rosinska


Glass Panel: Viv Hunt

Team Building Events at The Ceramics Studio

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We had Mark-Making, a creative agency based in Oxford, here at The Ceramics Studio for their team building event a few weeks ago – and what fun it was!

They were after a fun filled afternoon of challenges based around The Great Pottery Throw Down. We had  two teams of 7, The Mardy Mintons and The Wedgewood Wangers, who took it in turns to do each challenge and a winner was selected for each at the end by Leyla and Rhian.

Schedule for the day

First up was who could throw the tallest pot… it was most of their first times throwing, so this was no mean feat!

 IMG_8259 IMG_8420

Next, was who could throw the best pot blind folded!

IMG_8421 IMG_8262

And finally each team had to create a tea-set for their office using the colours of their logo – 8 plates or bowls, 8 cups and 1 completed teapot each. They were able to hand build or use the wheel for this! And here are a just a few of the results from both teams…

IMG_8415 IMG_8416


IMG_8418 IMG_8419


IMG_8277 IMG_8278

The Ceramics Studio Best Bits of 2015!

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Wow… What a year we’ve had! Thank you to everyone who’s supported us throughout the year and helped us grow into a thriving little pottery and gallery!

Here are some of our 2015 best bits!

Some of the truly beautiful work from our four full classes…





and in our specialist workshops…







Leyla, Rhian & Evgenia took part in our first Warwickshire Open Studios…

open studio summer exhibition




We had some beautiful work arrive at the gallery for our Christmas Exhibition…

Ostinelli & Priest


Diego Palasgo Paintings & John Higgins Ceramics

Leyla & Bruno did new designs on their Wigwam Ceramics range…

The Ceramics Studio founder Leyla Folwell painting ceramics



Rhian made herself at home and has now been with us for over a year…

The Ceramics Studio - Rhian Marlin decorating plate


And we filled our job vacancy with not one but two lovely ladies – Katharine & Holly!

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year…

We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

The Ceramics Studio Christmas Exhibition Vernissage

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Thank you so much to everyone who attended the vernissage this weekend! For everyone who hasn’t seen the exhibition yet, here is a sneak peek of all the fabulous work on display. The exhibition continues everyday 11am-5pm (thursdays until 8.30pm) until 30th January 2016…

Diego Palasgo Paintings & John Higgins Ceramics

Diego Palasgo Paintings & John Higgins Ceramics


Wendy Campbell-Briggs wall piece and Dylan Bowen Ceramics

Wendy Campbell-Briggs wall piece and Dylan Bowen Ceramics


Yo Thom cabinet with Leyla Folwell sculpture on top

Yo Thom cabinet with Leyla Folwell sculpture on top


Jane Bowen & Wendy Campbell Briggs

Jane Bowen & Wendy Campbell Briggs


Leyla Folwell Collage

Leyla Folwell Collage


Roxanne & Barney - Ostinelli & Priest

Roxanne & Barney – Ostinelli & Priest


Yo Thom

Yo Thom


Wendy Campbell Briggs

Wendy Campbell Briggs


Dylan Bowen & John Higgins

Dylan Bowen & John Higgins


Leyla Folwell & Dylan Bowen

Leyla Folwell & Dylan Bowen


Ostinelli & Priest

Ostinelli & Priest


Diego Palasgo & Jane Bowen

Diego Palasgo & Jane Bowen


Dylan Bowen

Dylan Bowen


Wendy Campbell Briggs

Wendy Campbell Briggs


Ostinelli & Priest

Ostinelli & Priest



Want to work here?

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2015-07-16 12.44.43 - Copy Ceramics Studio Job

Job Vacancy – Assistant for Pottery Studio & Gallery

Assist with all aspects or running our thriving little pottery and gallery.

Duties will include, administration, technician work, sales, marketing and house keeping.

Pay £7.50 per hour for 3 month trail and training period. £8.50 after.

20 – 30 hours a week. Days, hours and times are negotiable for the right candidate. Once agreed a contract will be draw up.

This position would be ideal for someone seeking an apprenticeship as a potter / ceramics designer maker. Between my husband and I we have a wealth of knowledge to share in ceramics field. You would become part of our pottery family and we are supportive and passionate about all things ceramic especially nurturing young talent.

We are a small but rapidly growing company and there is opportunity for progression with this position.

What we are looking for:


The successful applicant must be honest, organized, self-motivated, reliable & a good time keeper.

Also, cheerful, optimistic, flexible, comfortable working and communicating with a small team and the public.

Comfortable with a variety of people, as an arts establishment, we have and do attract

characters and interesting personalities. You need to be personable and open at all times.

Willing to do mundane work.

Have an interest in arts and crafts.

Experience and qualifications are desirable but an interest in the business and pottery are much more important. Full training will be given.


Knowledge/experience of:

WordPress websites.

Social media, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram



Basic IT skills, documents and spreadsheets.


Knowledge/experience of:

Pottery making

Firing Ceramics

Health & Safety in Ceramic Workshop

Kilns & firing

Knowledge/experience of:


Exhibiting work

Displaying work

Online marketing

Full list of duties.

This is an over-whelming list of things that happen in the studio beside making & teaching. You would not be expected to do all of this in 20-30 hours, however the suitable candidate should be willing to do/learn to do the following jobs:


Keeping display, clean and fresh and labels maintained.

Dusting valuable and fragile ceramics.

Welcoming visitors including making tea & coffee.

Telling them about the artists and the work.

Selling work, wrapping, taking payment, giving invoices and keeping records.

Helping at private views and events, approximately 3-4 a year which may be help at evenings and weekends.

Packing work for events.

Watering plants.

Keeping floor/ table/sofa clean.

Shopping for tea, coffee, flowers and cleaning materials.


Helping with online marketing. Organising regular newsletters on WordPress.

Writing blog posts on WordPress.

Advertising courses, workshops and exhibitions. Also helping to promote Wigwam Ceramics and our Artist in Residence.

Using social media to keep in touch with customers and promote the business.

Also sharing relevant interesting events and posts.

Taking photographs in the studio of classes and events.

Sharing the above via Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.


Regular e mail and phone checking.

Following up enquiries and bookings

Recording booking and payments

Technician Duties

Packing kilns.

Glazing work.

Preparing materials.

Maintaining materials.

Checking stock levels

Kiln maintenance

Grinding & cleaning kiln shelves

Unloading deliveries

Lifting 12.5kg bags of clay


Occasional supporting in classes and workshops

Cleaning. (This is at times 25% of the job!)

Hoovering, mopping and steam cleaning the floor. Cleaning and tidying tools.

Washing ware boards and services.

Washing up. Cleaning fridge and surfaces. Cleaning the toilets.

Enforcing and adhering to health and safety standards. (Full training given.)

Putting bins out.



Attending markets/shows/fairs

Stock taking

Posting work


Dog sitting & walking.


Share all the knowledge we have regarding making and selling ceramics.

Support developing your own work if appropriate.

Free pottery classes and studio time.

Training from our Web support in using our WordPress websites.

Working in a very friendly and supportive environment.

Flexible days and hours.

Percentage of admin work can be done from home if it suits.

Challenging Points to be aware of:

A big percentage of work is mundane like cleaning and recycling.

Dusty environment. We work to keep this to a minimum.

Dog hairs and dogs. Need to be a dog lover.

How to apply.

Please read all the above carefully before responding and follow the instructions below.

If this is the perfect job for you please send an e mail to:,

copied to

and titled CERAMICS STUDIO ASSISTANT in capitals.

Please answer the following 3 questions, please be concise:

Why is this the perfect job for you?

Is your ideal job, temporary or long term? Why?

What has been your favourite job so far and why?

Please include:

A phone number and best time to call.

Other information you feel is relevant, such as CV, website, images of art work (small jpegs only).

If we invite you for an interview we will require 3 references, one from employment, one character and one from a friend.

Closing Date. November 20th 2015


Warwickshire Open Studios 2015

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open studio summer exhibition Three Girl Summer Show!

Warwickshire Open Studios inspired us to put together and exhibition.

porcelain bottles Rhian’s Bottles

animal bowl workshop Evgenia’s Little Bear Bowl

2015-07-03 13.33.02 Ah-ha! Wall piece by myself, Leyla Folwell

2015-07-03 13.31.11 Evgenia’s Illustrations

A three Woman Show, to celebrate all the good

making times we have been having here : )

2015-06-26 16.52.41 Gallery Space

Bruno did a beautiful job of hanging as usual, and we were

blown away by the amount of visitors we had!

We are definitely up for next year!

2015-06-26 16.52.22

Rhian gets the party started ; )

Spot the Booby ….

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Rainbow Kiln! Rainbow Kiln!

Summer Term has begun and the week classes are FULL!!!

We are delighted!!

Hannah's beautiful picture Hannah’s beautiful picture

Many returning customers from last term is a good sign ; )

Steph's slick mug design Steph’s slick mug design

Bringing their wonderful creative ideas : )

Elle and her press-mould plate Elle and her press-mould plate

Some new students are even doing homework!

Her own design! Her own design!

Go to the top of the class Elle!

Amy's bespoke plate Amy’s bespoke plate

Elle & Amy loved decorating their press mould plates.


As usual Rhian is working her little socks off!!


Two months work ready for two shows, one in Penshurst Place,

Kent and the other in Hatfield House, Hartfordshire.

A Blue Footed Booby I believe? A Blue Footed Booby I believe?

It s all happening here!!!

Leyla xx

Babes in the Woods

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My snow drop and the snow-drops : )

We ve been busy busy but not too busy for our lunchtime snuffle in the woods : )

Open Access Session

Open Access Days are filling up, we have some very keen new members.

We have started the flexible sessions on Saturday too.

Sue does it again : )

But not to forget the originals!

Sue pulls another wondrous creation out of the bag ; )

Penny's Pots

and her sister showed up for a go ….

bit of a contrast, she was a speed junky!!

Catherine, always happy when she potting!

Catherine has found her niche,

she a slabber and is busy rolling along with a grin on her face!

Hannah's Wall Piece

So many beautiful ideas taking shape now that

people are getting more comfortable with the material.

Amsterdam by Jodie : )

The photo doesn’t do this justice … it s stunning.

Inspired by Jodie’s Dutch artist friend.

Paul Young Ceramics

We are all very sad to see the beautiful work of Paul Young

go back…. off to

Our new exhibition coming soon ….

Hotting up in the snow

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The Ceramics Studio

Ahhh…. look how pretty the studio looked on Tuesday morning!

So nice to drive past all this beautiful frozen countryside

and then come in to the cozy studio.

Ceramics Studio

The week classes have filled up! It has been really lovely

to have a good bunch of people together…. a really nice

mixture of back grounds all united in a love of the sticky stuff : )

Pottery Class

Fiona runs a river cruise boat company in beautiful

Stratford and she s a wonderful photographer.

She s taking photo s for the new look website by Studio Classes

Everyone is happily working on their own independent projects.

Pottery Class

Evgenia is an amazing illustrator. Visit her website blog

and get your free calendar… it s so cute!

Stratford upon Avon

She s a real pro-active net-worker and organized

a super Creative Breakfast this week.  It was a real

treat to get out of the studio and meet more local artists….

looking forward to next months : )

Rhian Malin Ceramics

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I am Artist in Residence, Rhian Malin……

157101-10039555-_DSC0312photoshopped2_jpgAnd I am….”
making thrown and altered porcelain vessels with hand painted decoration
seeing improvement in my making everyday
visiting Whichford pottery this week as it’s where the Empty Bowl Charity event is being held next month.
listening to Serial – a podcast following the murder trial of a convicted murdered
reading The Teapot Book by Steve Woodhead & How to build a Girl by Caitlin Moran
inspired by design processes which create the same object over and over again but each one with small indivualities
experimenting with different shapes for decorative vessels and nesting bowls.
learning how to make a teapot
working with very very lovely people at The Ceramic Studio. Thank you Leyla and bruno for having me. I love it here!
Rhian drawing her projected images Rhian helping with our Christmas Workshop Rhian glazing Production line!