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Health & Safety

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The Ceramic Studio – Health & Safety

Clay Hazards and Precautionary Measures

Clay dust is Enemy No.1. Clay and glaze contain silica which in their dry state are a potential health risk.


Fine dust particles (known as ‘respirable’ particles) containing silica are a major concern because they can:

be invisible to the naked eye under normal lighting conditions

be airborne for long periods of time in your breathing zone; and

penetrate deep into the lungs when inhaled. To inhale or ingest the dust of any clay, glaze or plaster materials is unhealthy.


Easy Solutions


  • Avoid making dust as much as reasonably possible.
  • Never sweep, always wet mop or scrape up and wipe spills and general dirt.
  • No sanding, – go outside on to the roof terrace and wear a mask.
  • Thoroughly clean all aprons, wheels, tables, tools and equipment after use (regardless of whether someone plans to use them after you) and wash up any spills, splatters, or trimmings that land on the floor.
  • When decanting plaster, glaze, oxides or other powder please do so ‘softly’ to avoid cloud making. Wherever possible choose to use wet materials.


Other hazards and their solutions.


  • Equipment. All studio equipment is potentially hazardous. Please do not use anything without having been inducted. Please keep yourself safe by wearing sensible clothes, foot wear and tying long hair back.
  • Kilns are dangerous and hot! Do not use or touch them without an induction.
  • Only eat and drink in the provided area and always wash your hands first.
  • Cover cuts with plasters and/or gloves.
  • Never struggle lifting anything heavy – get help!
  • Store bags and coats in the area provided and not on stools or the floor.
  • Alert everyone in the room if a floor area is wet.
  • Keep gangways clear.
  • Don’t stand on chairs or stools.
  • If in doubt, ask!

Welcome Information for New Students

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Harmony - friends throwing : )

Welcome to the Ceramics Studio,

We really want you to enjoy your time at the studio and feel comfortable and relaxed. Here are a few practical notes and some other possible questions answered.

Disabled Access to building. We are sorry but this is not good. We are on the first floor and the only way up is stairs. We do have an entrance with wide easy stairs and a good hand rail. In the warmer months we can bring equipment down to our little garden with a bit of pre-planning.

Potters wheels. Most of our wheels are saddle style and require a bit of hip flexibility when mounting. If this may be a problem let us know so we can prepare one of a different style before you arrive. Ladies, trousers are best for this type of wheel.

Aprons. Please bring your own apron and wash after every session.

Nails. I am afraid it s much easier without them, so please trim them as much as you can bare.

Clothes. Regardless of aprons, clay will get everywhere when throwing. Most types wash out but terracotta on light clothes may stain. To help you relax please wear clothing you are not too precious about. Also, the studio is an old barn and it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter so please come prepared so you are are comfortable.

Shoes. Please bring shoes that cover your foot and again that you do not mind getting clay on.

Tea and coffee. We do enjoy a nice cuppa at the studio and have a selection for you in the kitchen. We also have a microwave, so if you are bringing lunch or rushing after work you can make yourselves at home.

If you are joining us for a long session or course do let us know if you have any food preferences or allergies.

You tube. Often students like to do a bit of swatting up before hand, which is fabulous. We all come from different schools and techniques will vary, what we will do in the class is find what is right for you. If you do want to research before hand, I recommend Simon Leach’s videos. They are a little drawn out but are excellent standard.

Pinterest. To enjoy the vast potential of clay or simply to get some ideas, visit our Pinterest pages http://www.pinterest.com/ceramicsstudio/

Sketchbook/note book. It can be really handy to keep a notebook record of what you made, and what surface treatment you used. Also to save ideas and inspirations. Or go digital and start your own Pinterest (pages can be private) and keep a photo log of what you make and what you plan to make.


We cannot wait to get started with you!

Leyla & Team

Directions by Car to The Ceramics Studio

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Directions by car