The Ceramics Studio

Sunny Summer Summery

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What a crazy year so far! It s been SO busy here!

An abundance of people have been in touch to come and try pottery after the success

of  The Great British Throwdown on BBC2.

We had fun trying Jonnie Vagas’ one minute tea pot

Warwickshire Open Studios came around again quickly!

I had great pleasure in showing off my very own Recycled Bone necklace made by Lindsey Archer.

That’s her beautiful Boro stitch painting in the back ground!

This woman can take anything and make it beautiful again, see here!

Rhian Malin & Lindsey discovered they were a home decor match made in heaven : )

I made a come back with Wigwam Ceramics‘ joyful new look : )

Wendy Campbell-Briggs kindly joined us again, some lucky visitors

snapped up some of her older pieces at fabulous prices.

We were very proud to be able to use the little garden we have.

Several wonderful souls have contributed to make it the gorgeous tranquil space it has become ….

One of the most thrilling things for me was visiting students past & present who have set up at home or elsewhere… I am so proud!  Several have taken advantage of my Geeks One workshop – ‘How to Set Up at Home‘.

These include, my dearest buddy, Polly-Anna Ceramics.

Nina Bale took time out from her very successful Ginger Print business to give

being a potter a go for a while. Her studio was an inspiration! All done from pallets!


And of course there were lots of workshops and plenty of delicious lunches ; )……..




Hotting up in the snow

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The Ceramics Studio

Ahhh…. look how pretty the studio looked on Tuesday morning!

So nice to drive past all this beautiful frozen countryside

and then come in to the cozy studio.

Ceramics Studio

The week classes have filled up! It has been really lovely

to have a good bunch of people together…. a really nice

mixture of back grounds all united in a love of the sticky stuff : )

Pottery Class

Fiona runs a river cruise boat company in beautiful

Stratford and she s a wonderful photographer.

She s taking photo s for the new look website by Studio Classes

Everyone is happily working on their own independent projects.

Pottery Class

Evgenia is an amazing illustrator. Visit her website blog

and get your free calendar… it s so cute!

Stratford upon Avon

She s a real pro-active net-worker and organized

a super Creative Breakfast this week.  It was a real

treat to get out of the studio and meet more local artists….

looking forward to next months : )

Winter Wonderland Workshops

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Ceramic Christmas decorations

After being open for three months we are proud to say we are very busy!!

Making Christmas decorations

It is a great time of year!

We had 16 people making Christmas decorations last night!!

Rosemary's Sculpture

Rosemary has been working hard this term on her dog Meg.

It s looking great,

so convincing in fact that Chloe got out of bed to bark at it!!

The Ceramics Studio - Warwickshire

Ladies potting afternoon

A few lovely local ladies came down to make pots for a worthy charity

event on 21st Feb 2015.

They are planning a bowl raffle and soup lunch at Whichford Pottery.

Of course we donating and we will be helping people make their own donations.

Ladies Potting Afternoon

The Charities are Shipston Home Nursing and SMA

– Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

We will be posting more about this in the new year.

Artist Gabrielle just received  pots in the post.

Look how happy people are to get their own hand made bowls!

Ettington Park

We still don forget to take a bit of time out and

stay tuned in to our beautiful surroundings ; )

Winter walk


Up and running!

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Official Open Day, 28th August, 2014.

Alderminster Electric Family Throwing : )

What a great time we had! Everyone came a had a go, including our neighbours

The EFX ladies

Designers from … perfectionists ; )

Dani Throwing

Bruno’s daughter got stuck in, she is familiar with all this from the good old days of the gallery and pottery festivals.

Dani's The Teacher

True to form she was teaching before we knew it!!

First student pots!

The results were fabulous! And the pots are on their way for firing…..

Lovely pallet for the pots : )

Hopefully the artists will be back to glaze them!

Bruno's Demo

Of course we had to show off for the

Leyla's Demo

Chloe has seen it all before……

Cheeky Charles

Well, here is something we have not seen before! Charles, that is nothing to be proud off !! LOL!!


Happy Studio Members : )

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I cannot believe the term is drawing to an end! It has been amazing!

The space has been a dream to work in and students have responded so well to a more professional environment!

Throwing Therapy on a Saturday was a big hit and there will definitely be more dates next year.

The new term will start on Tuesday 15th January and we  will run classes right through until Easter.

If you are interested in having a go sign up to our newsletter and you ll get £15 off your first class, no obligation to

continue that s how confident we are that you ll love it at our studio ; ) x

An Gee Chan – The Back of Your Head

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RCA graduate An Gee Chan is a V22 artist and has been spending some time in the ceramics studio.  An Gee’s throwing skills are top notch but she is better known for her murals and screen prints. Sourced from jotted down dreams, nightmares, curious incidents and stories from newspapers and the internet, An Gee Chan’s images have a raw veracity and directness.

You can see An Gee’s work and her beautiful ceramics in Farringdon until the 14th December


Visiting the V&A Ceramics Collection

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A group of us headed off to the V&A to seek some inspiration…. the collection is fabulous and

I find something new each time. It was great to share it with others and I really enjoyed

discussion how things were made and having my knowledge tested : ) I highly recommended



Our Grand Opening Workshops

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October 5th & 6th taster sessions in our new studio went so well! Thanks to Frances for helping with the crowds and for bringing the beautiful bunting : )

It was great to have people from my last studio  We took some inspiration from Picasso as the studio accommodates artists and potters it seemed appropriate. We took our time and had  lovely long chilled out sessions.

Thanks everyone for you company and support, it feels great to be back in action ; )

Classes are filling up but there is still chance to come to one off sessions or days to test the water, get in touch – its fun!!

Opening Event & Taster Sessions

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We are running free taster sessions!

On October 5th at 7pm and October 6th at 2pm

We are going to have some fun and give Picasso a run for his money : )

Come and join us and have a glass of wine or a cuppa.

There is lots going on at the

Including a Young London Exhibition in V22 Halls

also visit

The Vibe Gallery they do nice coffee : )