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One Month In!

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Hard to believe we have only been open a month!

Catherine's birthday throwing session

It has flown by! We have had some wonderful people through….

Like Catherine who came for a Birthday session!

the ceramics studio voucher

She received one of our pretty vouchers from her friend Jodie

Jodie's first thrown pot!

Whom I suspect enjoyed it as much as she did ; )

Rosemary sculpting her dog Tess

Our very first student, Rosemary has embarked on her second project!

Tim Collard working with paperclay


Our current artist in residence has discovered Paper-clay

Sophie & Carla glazing their pots

The lovely EFX designers 

popped back in to glaze their wares : )


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A few weeks ago we had artists Dianne Lee and Robyn LeRoy-Evans working in the studio on their new project together, ‘Form(ed)’.


Form(ed) is a cross-disciplinary investigation, exploring the bond between the vessel and the female figure. Clay vessels will be made by Canadian ceramic artist Dianne Lee, and then re-worked or ‘unmade’, by UK visual artist Robyn LeRoy-Evans, before they are finally dried and fired. Both artists will use their own body as the primary tool whilst forming and un-forming these sculptures.


This unusual collaboration between a potter and a photographer allows both artists to develop their shared fascination and appreciation for the vessel and the role of the female form. Dianne and Robyn feel personally bound to clay due to their own individual experiences and associations with the material, one they consider to be highly charged and weighted in emotion. It is hoped that their shared intimate connection to the substance will be portrayed sensitively and seductively throughout their investigation.


Robyn and Dianne met in the UK in 2007. Whilst studying towards a BA in Fine Art, Robyn LeRoy-Evans began developing a body of photographic work around the vessel and the bond it shares with the female figure, an exploration she has carried into her emerging art career. Since graduating in 2006 with a Degree in Design, Dianne Lee has focused on her professional practice, developing the form and function of her pottery. Intrigued by Robyn’s latest work, Dianne proposed an idea for a cross-disciplinary collaborative venture in October 2012.


The artists wish to develop Form(ed) naturally and intuitively, making decisions about process and integrating possible thematic elements as the project evolves. Having now worked together in both Toronto and London, Dianne and Robyn look forward to seeing where Form(ed) takes them next.


Thank you Dianne and Robyn, it was a pleasure to have you in the studio!

I am… Ann!

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The lovely Ann Mercer shares some of her inspirations in a new blog post in our “I Am…” series.

I am… Ann Mercer and I am…

making… as many pieces as possible for exhibitions and shops.

seeing… wonderful autumn colours, terra cotta, yellow, red and charcoal.

autumn colours

visiting… imminently Hong Kong, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Lots of inspiration!

reading... Wilkie Collins, “The Woman in White”. I love Gothic novels.

inspired by… Sottsass and the whole Memphis Movement.


not… experimenting much at the moment, just working to improve quality and finish of the current collection.

learning… so much associated with setting up a new business, the time that admin takes, the price of packaging and couriers and the stress of fulfilling specific orders on time!

working with… the Ceramics Studio in the Biscuit Factory and very much appreciate Leyla allowing me time to use the spray booth and kilns and her wonderful positive attitude and support.

Ann Mercer vases

(Images: autumn colours by romansolar, Carlton by Ettore Sottsass Jr, Ann Mercer’s own work)

I am… Leyla!

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We’re starting a new series of posts on the blog – sharing the thoughts, inspirations and going ons of some of the lovely ceramicists working in our studio. We kick off the first post with Leyla Folwell, founder of The Ceramics Studio!

I am… Leyla Folwell, founder of the ceramics studio – lover of people and recluse, all rolled in to one lunar effected being!


And I am…

making… sporadically, but I keep on trying.
seeing… Punch Drunk’s Drowned Man – was AMAZING! Cannot recommend it strongly enough, an experience of a life time : )
visiting… TENT London & Ceramics in the City this week!!
listening to… Pink Floyd the Wall and doing lots of reminiscing.
reading… Fearful Symmetry, my mum lent it to me and we are off for a tour of Highgate Cemetery next week so I need to get it finished!
inspired by… a black balloon floating around the ceiling in my yoga class tonight…. it was beautiful…..
experimenting with… ways to find time to get art work done, read my AN Blog here.
learning… to talk to my neighbour’s dog in Spanish.
working with… an amazing bunch of people : )

Leyla's Bowls
(images: Leyla, Leyla’s Bowls, box art, workspace)

Emily McCartan

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Emily McCartan has been ambassador for The Ceramics Studio!

She has brought people from all over London to enjoy the facility!

Southwark-20130416-01797Emily is a recent Camberwell illustration graduate – her illustrations work beautifully on her loose organic forms.

Southwark-20130419-01806Thank you for all your support Emily!! x

Lizzie Cannon in the studio!

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We are delighted to welcome Lizzie Cannon to the studio  I know Lizzie from my Cor Blimey Arts days : )

She is an incredibly sensitive and prolific maker and has joined us because she won an award from Bow Arts Trust –

Through the process of making, Lizzie Cannon explores a dynamic interplay between the natural and man-made. Her subtle modification and manipulation of materials and found objects reflect the human desire to continually re-shape and re-define nature.

It s going to be fantastic watching what she does with her porcelain paperclay! We’ll keep you posted : ).




Stephanie Sommet and the Shard Project

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Stephanie joined us in January and has been a delight to have around – Her philosophy “Art doesn’t  have to be explain or to have a meaning, it is just one of the most happiness THING to do by passion, we are just the mirror which reflect life to Art” runs through everything she works on. She works with the subtle differences to clay when ajusting firing temperatures and creates beautiful 3D images of city rooftops.  Currently she is very busy making Bonsai Pots for the Shard’s luxury flats – This lady is literally going straight to the top : )

Emmanuel Boos at Copenhagen Ceramics

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g_JousseentrepriseEmmanuel_Boos01 28 February . Emmanuel Boos and Esben Klemann  show Copenhagen Ceramics

The unknown is a mandatory condition for ceramists.

Emmanuel Boos and Esben Klemann both welcome unpredictability in a new exhibition at Copenhagen Ceramics. 



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hollymillshothouse2 Southwark-20130128-01742Illustrator Holly Mills has been working from the studio. We ve really been enjoying watching her ceramics turn into beautiful canvases containing mysterious tales!  Holly is winner of the V&A Student Illustrator Award 2012


Flexible, friendly and fun ; )

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IMG-20121212-01687 IMG-20121212-01694

Wow! 6 months in V22 Bermondsey! Cant believe it!  It really is going so well : )
Delighted to be starting back this week.  We’ll be running classes every Tuesday & Wednesday evening for 10 weeks and also doing Throwing tuition on Saturdays – the feed back that we have been getting is confirming what we thought. People are much happier to be part of a flexible course… people like to do their own thing in their own time…. that s what we’re about  : )