Who We Are

The Ceramics Studio, Warwickshire is the creative project of Artist Leyla Folwell.

The studio is run by a collection of creative people from professionals, students to volunteers.

It is home to Contemporary Ceramics rising star Designer-Maker Rhian Malin and Costume Designer to the stars Lindsey Archer.

The concept began in a city farm in south London and rapidly grew into a professional Artist workshop in Bermondsey before finally settling in the Midlands.

“It was magical how people were drawn to the pottery. The more they came and tried, the more I was sure that I wanted the studio to be a safe and nurturing environment for people to play and relax without fear of being judged and criticised”.

-Leyla Folwell

Now set in deepest Warwickshire countryside the dream lives on, and Leyla describes the ambience of the studio as a big family of warmed hearted, like minded souls taking a break from the outside world. Heaven!

“I just simply love sharing the knowledge and seeing the delight on people’s faces. Clay brings a lot of joy to the maker!”

– Leyla Folwell

Coloured Pots Graphic
The Ceramics Studio - Wigwam Ceramics

This friendly and flexible creative space has lots to offer everyone interested in ceramics, art and pottery.

The studio boasts a fantastic professional set up, comfortably accommodating classes, resident artists and a beautiful gallery of art work.

To keep in touch with our program of workshops, events and exhibitions sign up here:

The Ceramics Studio - Wigwam Ceramics

“As a newbie to the world of ceramics, I can highly recommend Leyla and her team for the best pottery classes you will find.  I love having the freedom to indulge in my own ideas, plus Leyla encourages me to explore past my own boundaries which is an awesome challenge. The class is really my own antidepressant, the one time I am really doing something just for myself. The relaxed setting and lovely fellow classmates just add to the enjoyment, I’m addicted!”

– Catherine, Shipston-on-Stour

The Ceramics Studio founder Leyla Folwell painting ceramics