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Spot the Booby ….

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Rainbow Kiln! Rainbow Kiln!

Summer Term has begun and the week classes are FULL!!!

We are delighted!!

Hannah's beautiful picture Hannah’s beautiful picture

Many returning customers from last term is a good sign ; )

Steph's slick mug design Steph’s slick mug design

Bringing their wonderful creative ideas : )

Elle and her press-mould plate Elle and her press-mould plate

Some new students are even doing homework!

Her own design! Her own design!

Go to the top of the class Elle!

Amy's bespoke plate Amy’s bespoke plate

Elle & Amy loved decorating their press mould plates.


As usual Rhian is working her little socks off!!


Two months work ready for two shows, one in Penshurst Place,

Kent and the other in Hatfield House, Hartfordshire.

A Blue Footed Booby I believe? A Blue Footed Booby I believe?

It s all happening here!!!

Leyla xx