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Pastures New! – what happened in the lost months…

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busystudioRemember this like it was yesterday? Me too! It was hard to leave and we ve all missed it sorely!

But good always comes out of bad and I thought you d like to know what s been happening.

Ceramics studio ettington



I have opted for a quieter life!  I am sure many of you will remember my retreat fantasy?

… and my search for slow?

It s starting to manifest : )

Ceramics Studio warwickshire

Here is my new studio view!

But don’t worry for those who get dizzy in fresh air, Anna and sister have set up in sunny Bermondsey!

Ceramics Studio warwickshire


Chloe is very happy, she is beginning to get over her anxiety and we have found a really nice dog sitter!

bruno and leyla


I married my prince in July!  Bruno and I had a really beautiful and small wedding at Gretna Green.

Fast, I know but you haven’t tasted his cooking ; )

Wigwam Cearmics


We are still making WIGWAM Ceramics together : )

Ceramics Studio warwickshire


We even got incorporated!

Ceramics Studio warwickshire


And the studio is coming together in between all this! It s an old granary and its so lovely, it has great energy.


2014-07-18 15.22.58


And windows!!!!!!!!!! BLISS!

Ceramics Studio warwickshire

We are on a very small business estate at the back of

 this means we can just nip through the woods and walk around the grounds whenever we need a break : )



Ceramics Studio warwickshireBruno has been buying up e bay and refurbishing wheels as a hobby. We now have 8!!

Ceramics Studio warwickshire


But don’t worry we are not going to change our small class teaching philosophy.

It s still all about quality and experience : )

ceramics studio