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A few weeks ago we had artists Dianne Lee and Robyn LeRoy-Evans working in the studio on their new project together, ‘Form(ed)’.


Form(ed) is a cross-disciplinary investigation, exploring the bond between the vessel and the female figure. Clay vessels will be made by Canadian ceramic artist Dianne Lee, and then re-worked or ‘unmade’, by UK visual artist Robyn LeRoy-Evans, before they are finally dried and fired. Both artists will use their own body as the primary tool whilst forming and un-forming these sculptures.


This unusual collaboration between a potter and a photographer allows both artists to develop their shared fascination and appreciation for the vessel and the role of the female form. Dianne and Robyn feel personally bound to clay due to their own individual experiences and associations with the material, one they consider to be highly charged and weighted in emotion. It is hoped that their shared intimate connection to the substance will be portrayed sensitively and seductively throughout their investigation.


Robyn and Dianne met in the UK in 2007. Whilst studying towards a BA in Fine Art, Robyn LeRoy-Evans began developing a body of photographic work around the vessel and the bond it shares with the female figure, an exploration she has carried into her emerging art career. Since graduating in 2006 with a Degree in Design, Dianne Lee has focused on her professional practice, developing the form and function of her pottery. Intrigued by Robyn’s latest work, Dianne proposed an idea for a cross-disciplinary collaborative venture in October 2012.


The artists wish to develop Form(ed) naturally and intuitively, making decisions about process and integrating possible thematic elements as the project evolves. Having now worked together in both Toronto and London, Dianne and Robyn look forward to seeing where Form(ed) takes them next.


Thank you Dianne and Robyn, it was a pleasure to have you in the studio!

I Am… Sean Roy Parker

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Ceramic artist and friend of the studio, Sean Roy Parker shares some of the things which have been inspiring him lately…


I am… Sean Roy Parker and I am…

making… plant pots and incense stick holders


seeing… new upcycling techniques

joanna pike

visiting… DODD clothing HQ

listening to… Bassekou Kouyate

reading… Bottle Gardens and Fern Cases by Anne Ashbury

inspired by… things that look like art but are not


experimenting with… photographing my pots


learning… how to make scotch eggs

working with… friends

Thank you for sharing Sean! Take a look at more of Sean’s work on his website.

(Images: pot by Sean Roy Parker – incense holder by Sean Roy Parker – Farm House Olive Server by Joanna Pike Ceramics – photo by Sean Roy Parker – photo by Sean Roy Parker – mug by Sean Roy Parker)


I Am… Tessa

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The wonderful Tessa Eastman, talented ceramicist and tutor at the studio shares some of things currently inspiring her…

I am… Tessa Eastman and I am…

tessa cake

making… Nothing at present- researching for a project to make work about food

seeing… Art and design at Gallery 286 in Earls Court and at Royal College Work In Progress Show

gallery 286

visiting… Julian Stair Quietus at Somerset House

listening to… Radio 4 Women’s Hour

reading… The Artificial Kingdom- A Treasury of the Kitsch Experience, Celeste Olalqulaga

inspired by… Food at present

tessa food

experimenting with… Taking a found object and changing it

tessa work

learning… More about food

working with… Yr 1 students at college

Thank you for sharing Tessa! And you can see more of Tessa’s work on her website – or catch her at Gallery 286’s New Year Show until January 30th.

(Images: Tessa Eastman – Slices of Death, The Gallery 286 New Years Show, Tessa Eastman – Colourful Happy Meal, Tessa Eastman – Innocent Wrigley Life Savers)

Inspired by… Nature

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Get inspired by the amazing form, colour and texture of the natural world…

Agate by Pascal Petit

Monitpora Digitata by Boris_44

Lichen by Leenda K

Ricordia Coral by Neil Creek

Yellowstone Hot Pots by The American West Photography

Find more stunning shots from nature on our Pinterest board.