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Sophie Lee: Original Recipe Meal

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We were lucky to have the wonderful and talented artist Sophie Lee working in our studio last month to create some of the beautiful bowls and serving dishes for her installation Original Recipe Meal.

original recipe

Original Recipe Meal was a collaboration between artist Sophie Lee and Frank’s Café Head Chef Michael Davies and is part of a series of dinners devised by artists for the Bold Tendencies Artist Dining Space. The series was programmed by Harriet Blaise Mitchell. The meal was held in Peckham with a menu of Burnt British Bread, Bone soup with kamut, crab, preserved egg and cabbage, Bog Butter and Roman Wine! Some photos from the event below. Photography by Mariona Otero, 2013.






See more of Sophie’s work on her website.

I am… Leyla!

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We’re starting a new series of posts on the blog – sharing the thoughts, inspirations and going ons of some of the lovely ceramicists working in our studio. We kick off the first post with Leyla Folwell, founder of The Ceramics Studio!

I am… Leyla Folwell, founder of the ceramics studio – lover of people and recluse, all rolled in to one lunar effected being!


And I am…

making… sporadically, but I keep on trying.
seeing… Punch Drunk’s Drowned Man – was AMAZING! Cannot recommend it strongly enough, an experience of a life time : )
visiting… TENT London & Ceramics in the City this week!!
listening to… Pink Floyd the Wall and doing lots of reminiscing.
reading… Fearful Symmetry, my mum lent it to me and we are off for a tour of Highgate Cemetery next week so I need to get it finished!
inspired by… a black balloon floating around the ceiling in my yoga class tonight…. it was beautiful…..
experimenting with… ways to find time to get art work done, read my AN Blog here.
learning… to talk to my neighbour’s dog in Spanish.
working with… an amazing bunch of people : )

Leyla's Bowls
(images: Leyla, Leyla’s Bowls, box art, workspace)